It's Halloween season in Shreveport. A city with such a deep history is likely to have some deep haunted history too. There are ghost stories from all over Shreveport, Bossier City, Caddo Parish, and Bossier Parish. But for today, we tried to stick to Shreveport for our conversation, because really, this talk could actually last for hours. Especially when you are talking to someone like Dakota Lawrence.

Dakota is a Nationally recognized psychic/medium who has appeared on SyFy, Chiller, and NBC. He's also from Shreveport, so he has intimate knowledge of the area and the stories that live here.

So we took our opportunity with Dakota to discuss is favorite Haunted Shreveport locations. Again, this could have gone on for hours, so we limited our conversation to only 3 locations. Each person may have their own list of favorites, but with Dakota's expertise, it's interesting to hear what his list is. You can hear his whole list in the video above.

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