With a spate of NFL, NBA and even a few MLB players taking a knee or remaining seated during the pregame singing of the National Anthem, hockey, it would seem, is the only major sport unaffected by the rash of protests. But, according to Tampa Bay Lightning forward JT Brown, that sport, too, may soon see players voicing their dissatisfaction with America.

According to the website hockeyfeed.com, Brown doesn't want people to think that hockey doesn't care:

“I could have been quiet and just kept my opinion to myself, but I don’t want young minorities who love the game of hockey to think that what’s going on in America today is going unnoticed by the hockey community. I love America and thank the military for protecting our freedoms, as well as law enforcement for protecting and serving our communities, but that doesn’t mean I can’t acknowledge that there is still racism today."

And Brown. one of the sports few African-American players, scoffs at the possibility of any repercussions directed at him by his team or the league:

"Wouldn't benching a black man for taking a stance only further prove Kap's (Colin Kaepernick) point of oppression?"

Meanwhile, there has been no official word from the Lightning or the NHL regarding the possibility of players involved in individual or team protests.

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