A rash of recent vehicle burglaries have some Shreveport residents hot under the collar, and many believe the Shreveport Police Department isn't doing enough to stop them or help recover lost property.

The burglaries have been happening a lot in the Broadmoor and Highland neighborhoods and outlying areas. It seems the thefts are occuring nearly nightly, and people have lost everything from electronics to guns and, in some instances, entire cars were stolen.

We reached out to various neighborhood association Facebook pages to see if some residents could weigh in on the situation. These are some of their responses:

People walked right in our back yard and stole two large coolers.

I know one truck was stolen from 800 block of Jefferson Place. Also several vehicles were broken into there.

I live in a quad on Gilbert close to Centenary. I have one neighbor whose car has been broken into 3 times in the past month and another neighbor whose car has been broken into once in the past month. In addition we have had 3 shootings within a 1 block radius of my home in the past month. I have lived here 9 years and have seen more in the past month then before. Crime in general has increased dramatically in the area in recent months.

I have a friend that lives on Boulevard and there was a stolen vehicle in her back yard for several days. She was new there and thought it was the other person in the duplex and he thought it was hers. You really have to look out for one another.

Had my cars gone thru and change stolen last night. Got others on my street as well. I'm on Linden. This is everywhere...not just 1 neighborhood.

We live at the dead end of Linden off Highland. My boyfriend had 2 pistols taken out of his truck last summer. Police report was filed but the guns were never recovered.

We were hit on [the 3600 block of] Gilbert. Hope they needed the $3 and two new sippy cups!

More car burglaries last night. At least two on Linden and one on Gladstone.

Friend on 500 block of McCormick had there garage broken into. They jumped the locked fence to the backyard and went in a back door to the garage.

My moms friend had a gun stolen from his car while visiting her [at the] 500 block of Stephenson.

Truck stolen last Tuesday night/Wednesday morning ...300 block of Pennsylvania ... Suspects are 5 juveniles been seen in area on surveillance trying to get in cars ... They were seen in truck later in the day it was stolen... We have gotten truck back and CSI processed truck for 2 hours and got several prints and touch DNA... They suspect these same guys have been taken in numerous times and the juvenile court lets them go!

A few weeks ago I witnessed someone in a red truck back up to the front door of an empty rent house next door and steal the refrigerator. I called the owner because it seemed strange when he sped away with the refrigerator barely on the truck. It almost fell off when he went over the curb! This was around 10-11 o'clock in the morning. He Also took the for rent signs and put them in the back yard.

Friday evening between 8:15 and 9:30, a white Hyundai Elantra was stolen from in front of our house on the 309 block of Gloria. We have no real description of possible suspects as the house across from us and next to us is vacant and the other closest neighbor was out of town. Absolutely infuriating.

100 block of Albert. 6 bikes have been stolen off my carport, a few in the middle of the day, also my sons basketball goal.

We also reached out to the Shreveport Police Department for comment, however they have not yet replied to our requests.

There are a few tips that could help keep your vehicle and possessions safe:

  • Lock your doors at all times.
  • Keep your car in a well lighted area.
  • Stash your possessions in your trunk BEFORE getting home and parking for the night.
  • Keep the inside of your car clean and free of random items.
  • Make sure to arm your alarm every time you lock your car.

A big tip is to keep an eye on your neighborhood and look for suspicious people walking the streets, especially if you don't recognize them. A lot of times, thieves will walk around with plastic bags to cover their hands while checking for unlocked cars. If you see someone like that, call the police IMMEDIATELY and report them.

We hope the bandits are found and dealt with soon so these residents can rest easy.

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