Have you ever heard someone ask a question that's so wild its a little concerning? Where someone is just so off-base with a question you're legitimately worried about what's going on in their head? Well, what happens if that's a whole state...

Because we just looked at some of the Most Googled Questions in Texas, and its got us shook.

Now, before we really get too deep here, let's make it know that there are some perfectly fine questions on here. Ones that you could probably expect in any state. Things like television show options, where your tax refund is, stuff like that. Super normal.

There are also totally normal human questions asked that fit Texas specifically...like when it comes to their BBQ. You will also see Texas' hubris showing up too, which we expect. Texas loves them some Texas. Always has, always will.

But there are a couple topics on this list that really have us curious about who is using the high speed internet in Texas.


Honestly, we're not concerned that these questions are being Googled, because there's probably not a single question that hasn't been searched on Google before...at least once. The thing that is the most concerning here is that these things are getting searched so often, they're registering at the top of the list for the most searched things on Google. HOW MANY TIMES DOES SOMETHING HAVE TO BE SEARCHED TO MAKE THAT LIST!?!?

So when you see some of these, consider how many people in Texas are looking this stuff up to make it onto this list. Then you might see where our concern comes from.

Most Googled Questions in Texas

Google has become the go-to to find out anything. In fact, Google is now a verb instead of a noun. Just about every single person has access to Google and now they have an answer to every single question at their fingertips.

In one day, Google does 8.5 billion searches. That's in one day!

With that many searches you would think people would come up with some interesting questions, but no these are the questions Texans are asking Google the most.

Gallery Credit: Lori Crofford

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