Here are the top 5 most dangerous intersections in Bossier City. No big surprise that Airline Drive takes 3 of the spots on the list.

These stats are for 2015 (2016’s stats are not yet available).

1. East Texas Street at Airline Drive – 46 accidents
2. East Texas Street at Benton Road – 38 accidents
3. Barksdale Blvd at Westgate Drive – 33 accidents
4. (tie) Barksdale Blvd at Airline Drive/McDade Street and Airline Drive at Viking Drive – both intersections had 32 accidents
5. Old Minden Road at Airline Drive – 28 accidents

There were no fatality accidents at any signalized intersection in Bossier City during 2015 and none so far in 2016.

On the Shreveport side of the Red the top intersection on the list is no surprise either.
Here are the top 5 from Shreveport (these numbers are for all of 2016 so far this year):

1. Spring and Lake East Texas – 61 accidents
2. (tie) Spring and I-20 and Youree and 70th both intersections have had 56
accidents so far this year.
3. Youree and Kings – 53 accidents
4. (Tie) Bert Kouns and Mansfield and Mansfield and 70th each had 52 accidents
5. Youree and Bert Kouns - 51 accidents