One of the most beautiful spots in the Ark-La-Tex has been recognized as one of the most gorgeous spots to visit in America. Locals know about this special place and have been enjoying it for hundreds of years. Now, Caddo Lake has been named as one of the 12 most beautiful lakes in the United States by Travel and Leisure.

Photo by Gary McCoy/TSM
Photo by Gary McCoy/TSM

Travel and Leisure says Caddo Lake is shrouded in mystery and beauty. It has 27,000 acres and is know around the world for the Spanish moss that hangs from the thousands of Cypress trees that pop out of the water. If you have never been out on a boat on Caddo, it really needs to be on your bucket list. There are hundreds of bayous and pathways to explore on this massive waterway. You will also find lots of critters ranging from alligators to many different varieties of frogs. And the fishing on Caddo Lake is incomparable.

How Was Caddo Lake Discovered?

It all starts with the log jam on the Red River way back in 1691. A Spanish explorer named Domingo Teran de los Ríos ran into the mess and tried to find a way to get through it. The log jam was dubbed a “Great Raft” by many because it was formed by uprooted trees for some 80 miles. This “great raft” changed the water flow on the Red River and it is believed this helped create Caddo Lake.

Another story says the lake was created by a Caddo Chief’s decision not to obey the “great spirit” which resulted in an earthquake that formed the lake.

Everything changed in 1832 when Captain Henry Miller Shreve created a boat that could be used to unblock the river. This made navigation possible all the way to Caddo Lake.

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