The National Toy Hall of Fame is set to release this years inductees this week. 12 awesome toys have been nominated this year. Some of these go back a long way, including the spinning top which was invented back in the year 2000 BC (they were made of clay in Egypt).
I've never been a fan of the spinning top, but after that many years it's time to get it in the Toy Hall of Fame.

Other toys on the list of nominees this year are: American Girl Dolls, the game Battleship, coloring book, Jenga, PLAYMOBIL, puppet, Scooter,Super Soaker, Ninja Turtles, Twister and the Wiffle Ball. Only 3 of these toys will get the honor of being named to the Toy Hall of Fame.

Of those toys on the list, my favorite is Twister. This is a game you can play as a child with your pals, or you can play as an adult after some grown-up beverages. It's just fun and will always lead to laughs.
I also think it's time for the spinning top to get its due respect. The third toy I would choose would have to be the coloring book. This is a toy enjoyed worldwide by millions of children. You probably have some coloring book drawings your children or grandchildren did years ago.

Last year, bubbles, the Rubik's Cube and little green army men were inducted into the THOF.