KEEL's Moon Griffon talks about the possibility of Democrat taking control of the US Senate and what changes their leftist agenda could mean for Americans.

With Democrats poised to take control of two of the three branches of the Federal Government, Griffon questions the legitimacy of recent vote counts. "A lot of people have called and said, 'This is just like November 3rd all over again.' Republicans were in the lead when I went to bed and behind when I woke up. I made a prediction...that Georgia would go Democrat and the reason fo0r that is, you have a Secretary of State and Governor who said, 'Nothing happened here.'

"I think two things happened in this year of COVID. One of them is mail-in ballots which proves that we never need to have that again, ever. and number two is that if nothing has changed since (the Presidential election), why would things change this time? We were never going to win this, in my humble opinion."

And looking ahead, what does Moon think about a leftist controlled Washington D.C.? "2020 might look like a pretty good year before it's said and done. If the do what they want to accomplish, then people should be scared to death. They keep talking about transforming the United States into what? There's Socialism, there's Marxism, there's Communism...and there's freedom! We have the most free country in the world. How do (Democrats) not understand this?"



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