There are a million different versions of Monopoly.  The classic game has been remade for cheaters, Disney princesses, Fortnite, and countless others offering a wide array of choices when it comes to ticking off everyone in the house on family game night.  Now, game makers Hasbro have released a version of the board-based hustle that has done the unthinkable - made people angry before they play it.

Believe me, there are lots more where that came from - check them out here.  A lot of them are much angrier than the ones you see above, but not all of them are bad.  Some members of the very age group that this game is targeting are eager to play it too:

If you are looking to poke fun at your Millennial friends and family this holiday season, this would be a great way to do it - just make sure you provide a safe space afterwards.

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