Once upon a time, I truly believed that my vote mattered. I truly believed that I could make a difference. But, here lately, my faith in the system has been wavering quite a bit. All you have to do is look the recent Fantasy Sports bill.

47 parishes in Louisiana approved the right and privilege to play fantasy sports online. However, despite the fact we as a people approved the legalization of online fantasy sports, the state legislature is now trying to alter and amend the bill.

According to the new amendment (that's possibly being added after the legislation was already passed!), us gamers would only be able to play online fantasy sports at over 21 establishments like video poker dens or casinos.

Anyone else see a problem with that? I know I have a MAJOR problem with that. We voted on one thing, and now these knotheads in Baton Rouge are trying to change it to something else.

But, should any of us really be surprised by this? This isn't the first time something like this has happened. We legalized medical marijuana. A lot of folks thought it was a good idea. But, 4 years later, we're still screwing around and changing the game while people are suffering.

It is totally and utterly ridiculous. Nay...it's disgusting. What's the point of having a vote of the people if a select few are just going to do whatever the hell they feel like anyway? How am I to maintain faith in the system when we're constantly getting hosed by those who are supposed to represent our interests?

I don't know if this fantasy gaming "amendment" will pass or not...it goes up for a vote later this week. But, the fact it even made it out of committee and no one seems to mind just straight up pisses me off.

I voted for what was proposed. The rest of it is just nonsense that shouldn't stand.

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