LSU announces its live mascot, Mike the Tiger, has a rare form of cancer impacting his face, but he does not appear to be in pain.

Mike will undergo a form of radiation therapy that will reduce complications, but eventually the tumor is expected to continue to grow. Doctors at LSU says it is estimated that without treatment Mike VI could live 1-2 months; with treatment, perhaps 1-2 years.

Vet students noticed something wrong with Mike and brought it to the attention of the school's Veterinarian, David Baker. The big cat was checked out and diagnosed with spindle cell sarcoma. Mike has some swelling on the right side of Mike’s face. On May 12, Mike had to be sedated in his habitat so he could be moved to the Vet School for diagnostic tests.

The tests show Mike has a tumor in his face near his nose. It was identified as spindle cell sarcoma, a malignant and “extremely rare” form of cancer, LSU said. The cancer is unlikely to spread to other areas of the body.

Dr. Baker says Mike does not appear to be in pain.

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