The end of crawfish season is near. A couple of our favorite spots in the Shreveport area are already winding down the mudbug boiling for this year. But almost all of the big spots are still cooking em up and you can find some really good deals right now.

I know this is the weekend for Mudbug Madness at Festival Plaza and folks craving the crustaceans might pop in to enjoy the food and the festivities. But if you want to grab some crawfish for a get together over this long Memorial Day weekend, you should know this is probably the best time.

How Big Are Crawfish Right Now?

The size of the crawfish is really good right now and the prices are the best they have been all year. I don't expect prices to fall much more before we say goodbye to mudbugs for 2022.

Have Crawfish Prices Changed Much Over the Past 2 Weeks?

If you shop around, you can find crawfish for $2.99 a pound at a couple of spots. Most of our favorite places have them at between $3 and $5 dollars a pound. If you want to have your own crawfish boil, you can find live crawfish at several tops spots in Shreveport Bossier for under $2 a pound. It is always best to call ahead and get your order in, especially if you need a large amount.

For most of the big dealers in town, we will probably have crawfish for about one more month, and then we have to wait until next year.

How Much Are Crawfish in Shreveport?

Crawfish season is already here and folks have been snapping up the mudbugs. We checked on the prices for you.

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