Remember that old saying, "Be careful what you wish for?" Yeah...this is a story about that. And just as a little preamble to all this: Townsquare Media is a good company to work for. This isn't a story of sour grapes or me complaining. Its just a funny little story about a great Christmas gift. we go:

During Christmas time, they always try to get everyone something nice. Which is great. Generally speaking its really top quality stuff they get us. In the past we've gotten Yeti cups and stuff like that. My biggest problem with our gifts is that they're monogrammed with our names. Not to sound too picky but I'm just not into stuff with my name on it. Just not my thing.

So, me thinking ahead, I knew we would get SOMETHING this year that would have our names on it. So, this year, I figured I'd be proactive. Instead of getting something cool that I'd never use, I figured I'd take the initiative to just ask for something without my name on it. Seems logical, right?

Well, I guess I should have picked my words more carefully. Here's (roughly) my conversation with our business office:

Me: Hey...are we getting stuff with our name on it again this year?

Business Manager: Yes...why?

Me: I know this may sound a bit needy...but can I get one with no name?

BM: I mean, I guess you can but why?

Me: I'm just not into stuff with my name on it and would prefer something with no name. I'll actually use it if it had no name on it.

BM: Okay...We'll take care of it.

Well...little did I know they'd take my request so literally. This is what I got on my shirt for Christmas:

No Name

This is AWESOME! I'll rock this thing often.

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