In a move that is sure to spark a mixed reaction, Louisiana State University announced Monday that more than $7 million in student debt has been forgiven, going back 2020's spring semester until the present.

Jose Aviles, the university's Vice President for Enrollment Management said the move will affect about 4,000 students.

Aviles explained that LSU would erase all unpaid fees for students who enrolled in the school at any time during the COVID pandemic. He added that the university would be paid through the federal government's Higher Education Relief Fund.

The student debt forgiven can be applied in a number of areas, include things like unpaid balances on tuition, fees, housing, meal plans and even parking. LSU students who are eligible for program will be notified by the school's Financial Aid and Scholarships Office.

The university's website says that LSU has provided more than $25 million in relief funds to students since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition to LSU, other schools across the state offering students debt forgiveness via the federal fund include Grambling State University and Southern University in Shreveport.

For more information on LSU's involvement in the Higher Education Relief Fund, including eligibility requirements, JUST CLICK HERE!

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