Tailgating at LSU, like all SEC schools, is a big, big deal draped in tradition and cherished by it's students. It's also gotten way out of hand, and somebody is going to get hurt, according to LSU's brand new Dean of Students, Maria Fuentes-Martin. And that is why she has proposed several changes to how student organizations may tailgate on campus that has said students losing their minds.

Among those are:

  • No Kegs
  • No Punches or Punch Bowls
  • No Drinking Games
  • No Glass Bottles
  • No Funnels
  • No Couches or Indoor Furniture
  • No TV's
  • No Tents (more than 10x10 feet)

Every container of alcohol would have to clearly say what is inside of it and students would no longer be able to mix up their home made specials with names like Tiger Punch, Jungle Juice, Bayou Blitz, Death Tally, Les Miles Away From Coherence, Cam Cameron Cannon, Hunch Punch, or the classic L-S-Who, What, Where, When and Why?

Fuentes-Martin says that on any given home game Saturday an average of fifty students are transported to area hospitals to be treated for drinking related mishaps. "To me that is fifty too many. It's just kind of scary. If something were to happen, parents and people in the community would look at us and say 'What did you do to promote a safe environment?', added Fuentes-Martin, who joined LSU last August. Student reaction to the proposed changes can be summed up with a simple "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!'

Town hall meetings to discuss the proposals and seek a compromise are scheduled for this week and only student organizations that tailgate under their banner would be affected, i.e., fraternities and sororities. Nothing is set in stone, says Fuentes-Martin, adding "I know change is hard for students, especially when it looks like we're taking something big and so fun away from them. But I'm hoping we can find a compromise and I'm willing to try. Everything is flexible."