With the biggest games of their coaching careers less than two weeks away, the LSU Tigers staff - including head coach Ed Orgeron - is already collecting on some rather hefty contract bonuses for this year's achievements.

According to theadvocate.com, the Tigers staff is already in line to rake in a total of $1.42 million, and that's with the national championship game against Clemson still to go.

A few details from theadvocate.com:

"LSU coach Ed Orgeron will receive the heftiest check at $700,000, according to the incentive sections of the coaches' contracts.

That includes an accumulation of winning the SEC Championship Game ($200,000), appearing in the College Football Playoff semifinals ($250,000) and reaching the national championship ($150,000)."

And according to theadvocate.com, it's been quite the year for the Bengals boss:

"The fourth-year coach has already earned a $500,000 bonus for LSU winning 12 games in the regular season, and he could earn a total of $1.7 million in incentive bonuses if the Tigers win the national championship."

In addition to the Orgeron bonus, a lengthy list of LSU coaches are cashing in, including Defensive Coordinator Dave Aranda, Offensive Coordinator Steve Ensminger and Assistant Head Coach Tommie Robinson, each of whom will receive an extra $100,000.

A number of others, including Passing Game Coordinator Joe Brady, will pocket an additional $75,000.

And theadvocate.com says that the entire coaching staff will earn post-season incentive bonus checks totaling $2.1 million if the championship is won.

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