Colorado Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert isn't making friends in Washington DC right now. Included in the people she's causing problems for is Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise.

Scalise is the House Majority Leader, the 2nd in command for Republicans in the US House. He's currently tasked with wrangling votes for a "stopgap" spending bill to prevent the US Government from shutting down at the end of the month. Scalise and Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy have been dealing with a healthy pushback from within their own party on their attempts. While that doesn't sound fun, one must also consider that Scalise just returned to the House last week for the first time since his cancer diagnosis. So he has enough of his own issues to worry about, but Boebert seems to be bent on creating more.

Not only is Boebert one of the most outspoken voices from the Freedom Caucus (the ones shutting down McCarthy and Scalies' plans) but Boebert has started to create a ton of issues outside of DC that Republicans now have to answer questions over.

Headlines including the terms "fondled", "groping", and "disruptive" have been published by major news sources surrounding video of a recent public theatre ejection of Boebert and a date.

The details have led to a wild and winding tale, but the video that has been published has cleared up a lot. Initially, the Buell Theatre in Denver published a very tame response to someone being removed from a performance of the musical Beetlejuice on September 10th, 2023. The theatre didn't name the patron, and didn't provide intimate details. But soon after, more information started to come out about who and why this happened.

Quickly, Boebert was identified as one of the two people being asked to leave. But initially it sounded like it was more about "vaping" and "causing a disruption" during the performance. Boebert apologized for that.

That's when this story took a wild turn. Video emerged from the theatre showing Boebert and her date not only vaping and causing a disruption with that, but the pair were becoming "physically intimate" in their theatre seats. The video shows some relatively graphic actions prior to the pair being asked to leave.

Reportedly, Boebert tried to coerce theatre staff into not kicking them out, or reporting the incident by referencing her elected position and the powerful people she can contact. But ultimately she was removed.

Now back in DC, he superiors in her own party are trying to get her to go along with their plan, and fight off the question about her personal behavior at the same time.

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