Imagine you are the tenant of an apartment and you find yourself at home on a Monday. You're minding your own business, doing your thing, when all of a sudden, something comes out of your attic. And this something happens to be a man.

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Well, that's exactly what happened this week in Lacassine, Louisiana, to the tenant of an apartment. Immediately upon discovering that someone was actually at home in the apartment, the guy emerging from the attic took off and was later apprehended by the Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff's deputies.

Turns out, the subject, Gregory Bonnette, is reported to have been living in the attic. Authorities don't say how long he's alleged to have lived there, but even a single night is one too many. (Don't they make movies about stuff like this?)

Bonnette, 33, was arrested and booked into the parish jail on two counts of unauthorized entry of an inhabited dwelling. And this is where the story gets even more interesting. According to the Sheriff's Department, this is the 21st incident where Bonnette has been arrested.

He's 33 and this is his 21st arrest? At some point the judicial system is going to have to consider the fact that this guy is obviously not seeing the "rehabilitation" needed from the prison system and consider that he might need a longer stay than he has previously.

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