Is it time for Gov. John Bel Edwards to put the money where the mask is?

Today, the Louisiana governor announced a bunch of new perks to get Louisiana residents out to receive their COVID-19 vaccine. Our state is sitting at about 36% when it comes to our current vaccination rate that includes 46% of adults while other states are around the 63% mark.

Basically, we're lagging behind—but JBE is offering incentives like free admission to state parks and historic sites, and a "shot for a shot" perk, which equates to a complimentary drink at participating bars or restaurants.

All you have to do is show proof of your COVID-19 vaccination, but will these perks move the needle for those who have chosen not to get the vaccine yet?

Gov. Edwards said it himself: "please don't wait for the next incentive to be offered to get your shot." But is that what will get the job done? Are folks in Louisiana waiting on their very own vaccine lottery before getting the jab?

Numbers show that last week saw the lowest batch of inoculations since vaccines became available to the public back in January. That's not a good sign, especially considering that last week was also when the state opened up vaccine eligibility for young people aged 12-15.

We'll see how these new perks work, but Edwards himself has previously vocalized his interest in following other states that have offered up their own "vaccine lotteries" but didn't offer any new information on Thursday (June 3).

If Ohio's "Vax-a-Million" lottery is any indicator, numbers show their vaccination rate shot up 33% once the $1 million prizes went into effect. I gotta be honest, I was surprised to see that number as well as the 3 million (and counting) people who have signed up for their shot at the big cash prizes and scholarships for students.

Will you be enjoying any of these new perks? As Louisiana sits at the bottom of the pack when it comes to vaccination rate, is it time to unleash the Vaccine Lottery?

Would you play along? Let us know and check out the full story via The Advocate here.

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