Louisiana's unemployed suffered through a miserable week without any benefit payment due to a major online issue from a company providing service to the Louisiana Workforce Commission, but it looks like things may have returned to normal.

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You might recall that last week, we informed you that Geographic Solutions, the company that provides the HiRE website to Louisiana and forty other states and the District of Columbia was under cyber attack with some type of malware.

This wasn't just a minor inconvenience for the 11,000 unemployed in Louisiana who had to file their claims on an already busy telephone number, but it also meant that weekly unemployment benefits would not be paid until the issue could be resolved.

It Appears As Though Things Are Essentially Back to Normal

Well, those unemployed in Louisiana can breathe a little easier today as the site appears to be back up and functioning properly.

It appears the work the company was doing around the clock finally solved the issue early today, July 5.  I, personally, checked the website around 4:00 am this morning and saw that the website was still down, but approximately 8:00 am today, it appears everything is back up and running properly.

There is still one "Error" message appearing at the top of the homepage, but it would appear this is nothing that would prevent benefits going unpaid again a second week.  The message reads:

 Attention employers submitting a Notice of Separation (Form 77): We are aware of the error occurring when trying to print a submitted notice of separation. We are actively working to correct the problem. Please note that any separation notice submitted while this problem is occurring has been successfully received in HiRE; the problem is isolated to the pdf production.

There Has Been No Official Word From LWC, But The Site Is Working

There has been no official word from the Louisiana Workforce Commission that the HiRE site is back up and running either on their site or their social media page, but I can personally attest that it is, so hopefully this means that benefit payments will resume their normal schedule.

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