There is a massive industry built around the concept of "true crime" entertainment. You've seen shows on television networks like "The First 48", "Cops", "48 Hours", or "Unsolved Mysteries" that really sparked the genre. Then podcasts started diving into the genre, and exploding in popularity. Which led to streaming networks building an empire of true crime documentaries...."Tiger King", "The Jinx", "Murdaugh Murders", "Making A Murderer", and "Don't F**k With Cats" to name a few.

The concept is pretty simple: a crime has been committed, and you get to see a dramatized or condensed version of the investigation. Sometimes the story is told with spice, sometimes its told very matter-of-fact, but expediated for the sake of production. You can learn about a years-long investigation in just hours.

Between the broadcast network's original "true crime" brands, podcasts, and streaming services is an entirely different outlet for fans of the genre. Youtube...

On Youtube's platform, creators can use all the elements of the broadcast structure, podcast platform, and streaming service style to create short versions of these retellings. Stories that might take 2-3 podcast episodes, or 60 minutes on broadcast TV can be told in 15 mins on Youtube. They don't need to edit for commercial breaks, or create artificial cliffhangers.

No matter what the format is, when the "true crime" story hits close to home, you pay attention.

So when a video was posted to Youtube about a North Louisiana murder, it caught our attention. This story surrounds a man who was reported missing, and was eventually identified as the victim of a senseless crime. In this video, you see the moments law enforcement discovered his body during a relatively routine traffic stop.

The man in the video, Michael Mitchell, was arrested and charged with Second Degree Murder. He waived his right to a jury trial, and was eventually sentenced on Manslaughter charges. He was given 25 years for the crime.

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