Two Louisiana men have been arrested in Hawaii after trying to enter the state without the mandated proof of a COVID-19 test result upon arrival and not having a location to quarantine, according to BRProud.

HDPS: Hunter Lowe

26 year-old Hunter Lowe and 49 year-old Brandon Boone were arrested following the incident. Sunday, September 19, the Louisiana men, Lowe and Boone, arrived at the Daniel K. International Airport.

HDPS: Brandon Boone

Lowe and Boone were checked by COVID-19 checkpoint screeners at the airport  before notifying local police. The two men were booked into the Oahu Community Correctional Center.

On July 8, 2021, individuals fully vaccinated in the United States or its Territories were permitted to enter Hawaii on domestic flights without pre-travel testing/quarantine starting the 15th day after the completion of their vaccination. All other travelers must have their negative test results prior to departing as an alternative to Hawaii’s mandatory 10-day quarantine.

According to the Hawaii Department of Public Safety, both men will be serving a 10-day jail sentence at the Oahu Community Correctional Center on their charge of Prohibited Acts Emergency Management.

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