At the risk of sounding sexist, I've just got to put this as plainly as I know how.

The Good Lord didn't bless me with a daughter. I was given three sons. While I love my boys with all my heart and soul, I've felt they were capable of handling themselves by the time they graduated high school, and really didn't need old Dad to worry about their safety.

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However, I can't imagine the fear that parents might have when they send their beautiful, little girl off to a far away land to continue her education. Can she protect herself from the big, bad wolves out there? When my two older boys were off at college, my only fear was that they would be too lazy to ever even look for the laundromat.

So, when it comes to the parents of girls at an LSU sorority, I can't imagine this new story will do anything but add to their long list of fears when it comes to that baby girl's safety.

Another alleged weirdo has now shown those parents that there's another way that someone can be a negative impact on their college-aged daughter's life.

According to, on Friday, November 12, 42 year old, Benjamin Bryson was arrested on the charge of Cyberstalking Electronic Mail.

In the story we learn that Bryson was actually spotted in the parking lot of LSU's Sorority Row as he took pictures of vehicles.

During questioning by LSU Police, Bryson claimed to be experiencing Bluetooth interference, but couldn't explain why he was there to begin with.

After another sorority called LSU Police later in the month to complain about Bryson's presence, the investigation intensified and ultimately led to one victim meeting with them and providing details about Bryson contacting her on three separate occasions.  She claims he even contacted her on Instagram and Facebook.  Other sorority members say they also recently received weird Instagram messages.

Bryson was then arrested on the Cyberstalking charge and released from the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on $5,000 bond.

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