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A recent amendment to HB37 would allow for teachers to be armed in the classroom.  The Louisiana Federation of Teachers has issued a statement opposing this latest amendment.

An exerpt from the LFT statement:

Louisiana teachers are already over-worked and underpaid; constantly taking on additional responsibilities and duties without receiving the respect and appreciation they deserve.  We can not expect our teachers to fix all of society's problems

I actually agree with this part of their statement. Especially the last sentence. But it also illustrates a much bigger problem.  We do expect our teachers to do much more than just teach reading, writing and arithmetic.  What should begin at home, is being turned over to our schools and teachers.  Parents have the responsibility to teach their own children right and wrong.  Parents should teach their own children about how to behave in society, how to contribute to society.  The moral compass should be established at home. But it seems today, parents are abdicating their responsibility to their own children to the school system. And the consequences are showing.

Photo by CDC on Unsplash
Photo by CDC on Unsplash

An important fact to remember about this amendment, it doesn't require all teachers to be armed.  It allows teachers who are able and willing to be trained, to go through extensive training to be able to be armed in the classroom. 

  As a former law enforcement officer, I am all for arming whoever is qualified, certified, and willing to go into our schools and protect our children. In addition to allowing willing teachers to be armed, other suggestions I've heard also make a lot of sense. One great idea is to hire retired armed police and or military personnel to patrol school grounds.  How is this a bad idea?

The LFT statement continues..

Teachers are there to teach. To help children grow and reach their academic potential. Like their students, they have the right to expect that their schools will be safe. They have the right to expect that public officials and security officers will keep them safe.

Regardless of how you feel about teachers being armed, we can all agree that we need to make changes.... and the sooner, the better.

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