Louisiana Corrections Secretary Jimmy LeBlanc says one year into the program, it’s clear that the criminal justice reforms are showing great results. The statement comes after comments were made from the President of the Louisiana District Attorney’s Association,Ricky Babin.

Babin expressed concerns over the program’s results. LeBlanc says the parole reforms have led to a noticeable drop in caseloads. Dropping the cases to under 135 per officer. In addition, the Louisiana prison population has hit a 20 year low, and the parole program shed 7,000 people.

Secretary LeBlanc has stated that the savings the state is seeing from the drop in numbers will be reinvested into programs to help keep inmates from returning to jail. These programs are aimed at helping offenders reintegrate with society.

A PEW Charitable Trusts projection of the state’s progress says at the current pace, the state will see 12 percent fewer parolees, but LeBlanc says he’s confident they’ll do even better than that.

The prison reforms are estimated to save the state $262 million over the next ten years.


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