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If you know anything about Louisiana politics, it sounds pretty weird to say that Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry and New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell have teamed up. But, in a weird 2022 twist, that's happening right now.

Not only are Cantrell and Landry in agreement on something, but Landry is actually filing legal briefs in support of Cantrell. Which makes this even crazier to wrap your head around if you know who these two are, and what they're about.

So what could be so big that it could bring these two together? New Orleans Police.

NOPD Facebook page
NOPD Facebook page

Landry has filed a legal brief supporting Cantrell's effort to eliminate a consent decree that is in place against the New Orleans Police Department. This consent decree has been in place since 2012, before either Cantrell or Landry were in their positions.

The consent decree is now being blamed for the issues with increased crime in New Orleans, and the "exodus" of police officers from the city's department. Last month, Mayor Cantrell held a "combative" press conference to declare the reduction in police officers a "crisis".

The original 2012 consent decree was put in place to help the police department come in line with policing standards. However, the consent decree now creates layers of approval to initiate police chases, to severe punishments for small infractions within the department.

Landry says the New Orleans Police Department has reached the compliance required by the consent decree, and therefore it can be lifted. Bringing him into agreement with Cantrell, and putting them on the same team in this battle.

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