If you have a high school or college student looking for a great summer job, Rock Solid Sports is looking to hire 20 to 30 lifeguards and supervisors to staff Shreveport's public pools. CEO Shelley McMillian says they'll start in mid-May, and work through mid-August, when school starts back up again.

McMillian says the retention rate is pretty high at the pools. "We run, on our lifeguard side, probably about an 80% retention rate in our staff. So typically, once you get in to our staff, you can stay there as long as you want -- as long as you're doing a good job," McMillian says.

She says she typically hires older high school or young college students as lifeguards, and older college students for supervisory positions. Why should someone consider a job like this? "One, you're hanging out with your peers, you're getting to hang out in the sun at the swimming pool" McMillian says. "For people who are interested in making a difference, our lifeguards and swim people are people that are literally giving a skill that could save their life or save someone else's life. So it's a very rewarding, impactful job."

Applications are being accepted through May 15th, or until all the positions are filled. You can download one of those on Rock Solid's website.

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