Detraveon Brown is one of the best high school football players Shreveport has produced in recent years. In 2019 Brown caught 19 touchdown in a dozen games for Northwood High School. He was a flat-out stud on the football field.

So of course, Division 1 colleges came calling. He is rated as a 3-star prospect by ESPN and Rivals, the two biggest recruiting resources. ESPN rated him as the 31st overall football recruit in the entire state of Louisiana, and the 6th rated wide receiver in the state.

His Rivals "Snapshot" confirmed 10 offers from schools, and 12 schools showing "interest". Their "Commitment Forecast" calculator, which takes into account official offers, school visits, and expert analysis, made Ole Miss the clear favorite.

Brown's recruiting profile confirmed offers from Houston, Kentucky, Kansas, Louisiana Tech, ULM, ULL, Southern Miss, UTSA, South Alabama, and Ole Miss. Since Rivals recognized Ole Miss as the favorite to sign Brown, they even confirmed the recruiter from the school as Derrick Nix.

A highly recruited Shreveport star had a big decision to make.

Fast forward to the fallout.

February's National Signing Day was Wednesday the 6th, a day full of cheers, hats, and tears. Detraveon Brown's signing day featured all of them. He announced his intent to take his talents to Oxford, Mississippi and join the Ole Miss program. It was an emotional moment.

But a few hours later, the local media, the same people who covered his games, turned on Brown. They launched into a vile, manufactured attack...a "hit piece" if you will, against a high school student.

Headlines filled with terms like "Hoax" and "Fake", and so-called "sports journalists" fighting with local residents in comment sections of these hit piece articles. We're not going to link any of them here, because they don't deserve your screen time.

All of these adults (really should say "adults" based on behavior) started blaming a kid, and painting him as a liar before locking in their facts. Then they backpedaled into a position of defense, where they are twisting facts to fit their narrative. They're acting more like politicians than sports writers.

Brown had no reason to "make up" a signing, he has legitimate offers on the table, from SEC and Big 12 schools. He will play Division 1 college football. So why would he make this up? Why would you, as a sports writer, launch into an attack on a kid. Because remember, he's a kid. So why write an article like that, and why go out of your way to fight with people in social media comment sections? Are you afraid that your information is too flimsy? Because your actions say that.

Let's consider a more realistic option. Maybe there are some sources with information on this, but we will just consider a hypothesis. At the end, we'll see if it makes more sense than a highly recruited kid lying about his recruiting.

What if Brown made his official visit to Ole Miss, and was told by staff member Derrick Nix that he was in consideration for their last scholarship spot. But there's a kid that's a little higher rated, and they're going to make the other recruit priority. But Nix assures Brown that if the other kid takes another offer from another school, Brown will get that offer.

Then signing day comes around, and the other kid decided to decline Ole Miss' offer. Brown sees that, and knows what Nix and Ole Miss told him. So he feels his opening. Declares his intent to go to Ole Miss.

But maybe Ole Miss saw another recruit who pulled from a different school, and that changed their plans.

Again, this is all hypothetical, but makes WAY more sense than a kid with multiple offers creating a "hoax" or lying about it.

Brown will sign with a Division 1 school, and he WILL play college football. So when that happens, what do the local sports media members trying to destroy this kids say? Do they beg him for an interview? Do they try to cover him when he performs well? What happens if he becomes the next Shreveport product to go into the NFL like Greedy Williams and Tre'Davious White? I know what they're going to do, because I know these type of people.

The "sports journalists" trying to destroy this young man will post things online like "I covered that kid in high school" or "I remember watching him play, he was always nice to me". Because these people are shallow shells of humanity.


Brown has signed to play at North Texas...

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