At the request of the Louisiana Sheriff’s Association Task Force, local sheriff's deputies are again assisting continued peacekeeping in the city of Baton Rouge. Thirteen Bossier Parish Deputies have returned home after serving since July 11 as ten more depart for Baton Rouge. Ten Caddo Deputies also departed for the state capital on July 21.

Bossier and Caddo deputies will be supplementing East Baton Rouge deputies who have been working around-the-clock following protests and also the line-of-duty deaths of an EBRPSO deputy and two Baton Rouge police officers. This is also the second time CPSO deputies have been called to assist in Baton Rouge. Two weeks ago they responded to give aid during protests and civil unrest in the city. They will be sworn in by EBP Sheriff Sid Gautreaux before starting their first shift.

Bossier Sheriff Julian Whittington briefed his deputies about the importance of the mission, saying, “We stand for law and order, and it’s a trying and dangerous time for them down there. I know they would come and help us if the roles were reversed.”

The deputies will each ride with a local deputy in the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s patrol units.

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