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While Laura was not as destructive as originally predicted, the storm was still pretty damaging. Trees, power lines, road signs and more were knocked over due to the hurricane strength wind gusts.

In Shreveport-Bossier, SWEPCO says there's more than 79,000 people without power. They also say that it may take until September 2nd before power is restored to some customers. Several businesses in the area are closed day due to the lack of power including Harvey Toyota, Subaru, Lexus and several restaurants in the Highland/South Highlands area.

So, while we got lucky overall because it could have been worse, a lot of areas in Shreveport-Bossier were hit hard by straight line winds. Dozens of roads around town are still completely or partially closed. It could take days...maybe even weeks before things return to normal.

Dozens of listeners and local agencies have sent in photos of the damage in their neighborhoods and it is nothing short of jaw dropping. If you have damage in your area, share the photos or videos with us. Here's where you can submit a photo through our station app. You can also send us photos through our Facebook page.

We hope that you're safe and that you didn't receive catastrophic damage in the storm.

PHOTOS: Local Damage from Laura

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