An investigation into the sale of counterfeit merchandise in Shreveport has netted over $1 million in fake goods, said Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator and Shreveport Police Chief Willie Shaw. 

Over the past week, detectives with the Caddo-Shreveport Financial Crimes Task Force followed up on citizen complaints by visiting 13 businesses in search of counterfeit merchandise. Eight locations were found with property in their inventories not licensed by the manufacturer. 

Detectives seized 66 watches, 14 NFL jerseys, 309 purses, 112 pair of shoes, 44 belts, 109 wallets, 76,120 music CDs, and 26,100 movie DVDs. The total street value was $1,000,090. 

The largest haul came from 6940 Jewella Avenue at Scotty's Do-it-All Hobby Shop. Detectives seized 66,800 music CDs; 19,300 movie DVDs; and other merchandise valued at $430,500. 

Arrested were store co-owners Keashia Johnson, aka Sharon Foster, 49, of the 8300 block of Wildbriar  and Shaday Williams, 19, of the 4000 block of Golf Links, both in Shreveport. Both were booked into jail for counterfeiting / possessing counterfeit labels and also illegal use of counterfeit trademarks. 

Both women had been issued cease and desist orders during a similar investigation by the Financial Crimes Task Force last year. Detectives said the co-owners relocated their business and continued selling counterfeit merchandise.

This week, cease and desist orders were issued at the following businesses by representatives of the manufacturing companies: 

  • 4837 Gloria (private residence), to stop selling counterfeit Nike shoes and other clothing. Merchandise valued at $10,150 was seized. 
  • Regal Tire Shop, 6610 Hearne Avenue, to stop selling counterfeit Louis Vuitton, Coach, Prada, and Dolce and Gabbana purses. Merchandise valued at $169,500 was seized. 
  • Scotty's, 4201 Lamar, to stop selling counterfeit Gucci purses, Coach belts, Louis Vuitton merchandise, other  purses and wallets, counterfeit movies, and fake music CDs. Merchandise valued at $101,050 was seized.

 Business owners voluntarily surrendered merchandise at: 

  • Showtime, 5500 Hearne Avenue;
  • A-1 Stop, 326 East Stoner;
  • R&W Consumers, 4101 Hollywood Avenue; and
  • Shreveport Super Store, 310 Thomas.

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