On Tuesday, Jan 26, 2016, during a City Council meeting to discuss the future of I-49, a local businessman was escorted from the chamber in, what some call, a breach of protocol on the city's part. According to our anonymous source, who shot a video of the altercation, this is what occurred:

Bill Wiener had addressed Council for 3 minutes, and then that prompted Chairman Bradford to ask NLCOG Director Kent Rogers to come forward so that he could ask Mr. Rogers some questions about what Mr. Wiener had said.

Following that, Mr. Wiener stood up again, invoking a point of personal privilege under Roberts Rules of Order. Mr. Bradford then started shouting at Mr. Wiener.

Mr. Wiener believed he should be recognized and requested clarification from the Parliamentarian, but rather than politely grant him that clarification, Bradford shouted him down and then CAO Brian Crawford signaled for the police captain to come remove Mr. Wiener from the chamber.

Our source can only speculate why Mr. Wiener was removed, but he says, "The real investigative story is the fact that numerous churches in Allendale and in its surrounds have purchased adjudicated property in Allendale for $1 per lot, and they are holding secret meetings amongst themselves and with white collar business people and elected officials but these same pastors refuse to meet or even communicate with Allendale residents about their intentions with all that property they hold. It is potentially hundreds of millions of dollars worth of real estate."

See the video of the removal of Mr. Wiener from Council Chambers below. As the I-49 debate continues, we will bring you the latest information.