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The NFL season kicks off tonight! After all the speculation and doubt that the 2020 season would actually take place, here we are ready for kickoff. With that said, to me, the most exciting part of the new season is all the familiar faces we're going to be seeing on Sundays.

Literally, the NFL is FULL of guys from Louisiana. And more specifically, some of the league's biggest stars are local guys. From Tre White to Devin White to Dak Prescott, they're all OUR people. Even guys like Jerry Tillery can be considered top guys at their position.

So, yeah, I'm pretty pumped for what this season has in store. Not just for my favorite teams, but for some of my favorite people. Below is a list of local folks to keep an eye on and root for this season.And these are just Shreveport-Bossier and surrounding area guys. If we included East Texas, we could start adding guys like Patrick Mahomes to the list! Our local talent pool is INSANE!

Local Guys Currently Playing in the NFL

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