Yesterday stories rang out around the state of Louisiana that the governing body for high school sports in the state, the LHSAA, was prepared to cancel fall sports. The main concern appeared to centered around high school football, which looked like it was on the chopping block.

The reports came from a photo of an LHSAA chart that was being sent out. It showed what levels of participation will be allowed for each sport, during different "phases". Here's what the chart looked like:

The outrage over canceling was rooted in the listing of no football being allowed, beyond practicing, until after "Phase 3" was completed. The majority of reports and outrage were under the belief that the "Phase 3" listed on the chart was the same Phase 3 put forth by Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards. But this morning, LHSAA Director Eddie Bonine joined The Tim Fletcher Show on 1130 The Tiger to clear up that misconception.

Bonine explained that the "Phases" listed on the grid are not the same as the state's Phases. The "Phase 3" listed on the LHSAA grid is essentially where we are now while in the state's "Phase 2". In order to get to the LHSAA's "Phase 4", we have to get to the state's "Phase 3".

To start the interview, Bonine made it very clear that the sports are not currently at risk of being canceled...

"At no time have we had any conversations, in this office, or with our Executive Committee, to cancel anything at this particular juncture."

Bonine made it clear that high school sports will not be on hold until there is a vaccine. The Louisiana high school sports season can move on with increased mitigation efforts.

However, Bonine did point out that he's waiting on what the SEC will do with their football season, because it will likely be a domino effect with other levels. For example, if the NFL cancels, it will likely cause changes to the NCAA, if the NCAA (and SEC) were to cancel, it would likely trickle down to high school sports.


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