Finally, some good news for our Louisiana student-athletes.

The Coronavirus pandemic ravaged anything in its path, including pretty much the entire year of 2020. Businesses suffered as life changed overnight for every single one of us.

One group suffered in a major way and I felt for them all year long. Of course, I'm talking about our high school students. High school is such an important, life-changing time in a student's life. It's a special period, and it also absolutely flies by. I feel so badly for the students, especially the seniors, who basically had an entire school ear taken away from them.

I feel equally bad for the student-athletes. These kids are trying their best to make it to the next level and compete for their high school. They only get a couple of years to do this, maybe three or four if they are skilled enough to contribute earlier to the varsity level. Many student-athletes lost that opportunity for a full season during the pandemic.

The good news is that you can expect a normal high school football season as the school year quickly approaches. Of course, this news can change, but at this time, the LHSAA is not expecting any COVID-19-related delays to the upcoming season.

Speaking about the Coronavirus then and now, LHSAA Executive Director Eddie Bonine says, "We didn’t know who our opponent was, we had a name but we didn’t know what the opponent's skill level was, now that we know what the skill set is, we know what the opponent is and we have an offense and a defense for it.”

Who else is excited for the on-time return of high school football?

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