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The Louisiana High School Athletic Association (LHSAA) has unanimously approved the move to contact sports for Louisiana High Schools. Setting up a path to start high school football season.

Sports reporter for The Advocate, Robin Fambrough was in the room for the meeting. Her Tweets painted a picture of the discussions.

According to Fambrough's Tweets, the LHSAA Executive Committee had questions regarding multiple angles of the COVID-19 pandemic. One of their issues was concerns over liability for schools, which was put to rest by Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry, and his letter to the LHSAA from a few weeks back.

The AG's letter not only helps the LHSAA with football, but with other sports as well, according to Fambrough's Tweets...

Seating capacity was another concern before the committee. The plan that Governor John Bel Edwards talked about this week for LSU football came up in discussion. Tiger Stadium at LSU will be allowed 25% capacity, while LHSAA Director Eddie Bonine said high schools should be using a 50% number instead.

However those plans will be on a school by school basis, with plans for capacity and other COVID guidelines being submitted to the Fire Marshal for review and approval.

Which will likely cause an issue in the New Orleans area, where Mayor LaToya Cantrell continues to hold sports hostage for more state money. LHSAA President David Frederico pointed this out during the meeting, according to Fambrough's coverage.

Dr. Greg Stewart from Tulane, a member of the LHSAA Sports Medicine Advisory Committee, spoke during the meeting as well. One of his main points was about social distancing, which will still need to be observed during games.

Dr. Stewart also talked about the kind of masks that will work for players, and pointed to neck gaiters as the best option.

The LHSAA still has a lot to get together for schools and teams to be ready for a season. But the conversations today suggest a season could be underway in early October, if there are no issues that arise between then and now.


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