This is one of those human interest stories that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling when you read it. It seems there's a young man living in Detroit who wants to do something about the state of his city. 

Detroit is crumbling and this young man thought of a way he could help. Nine-year-old Joshua Smith set up a lemonade stand near his house, hoping to raise $1,000 which he would present to the
city to help with it's financial crisis.

Because of his generosity of giving the profits from his lemonade stand to the city the media gave the young man a helping hand.

Not only did Joshua raise $1,000 dollars, he raised $3,392.77 in one week's time. Joshua's success is getting a lot of attention.  He's been visited by the stars of the University of Michigan basketball team, has been offered a $2,000 college scholarship. When asked about this phenomenal success Joshua replied, “I'm getting a lot of support, and that makes me feel good”.

Here's my question. Now that the country knows about Joshua and the Lemonade money he has raised, I'm sure that the IRS, State, County, City and any other Tax Organizations will want their cut too.



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