Detroit has filed for bankruptcy, and many are trying to figure out who or what caused the city to be around $19 billion in debt. Rush Limbaugh claims "unchecked" left-wing ideologies have run the city into the ground.

"It was the envy of the world, and now it's the biggest city in the United States to ever go bankrupt. And why? Two things, that are actually under the same umbrella: unions and unchecked liberalism have led to the bankruptcy of Detroit," said Limbaugh.

Many are beginning to wonder if there were any subtle signs of Detroit's financial decline in the months leading up to the bankruptcy claim. Some figures suggested that Detroit has been on a downward slide for quite some time.

According to Limbaugh, some statistics showed less than 50 percent of Detroit's population can read. Another statistic claimed that Detroit's overall population has declined by 63 percent.

The outspoken radio personality chalked up the city's decline to Democrats -- and citizens who go along with their ideology without question.

"This is what happens when there is capitulation to the Democrats," Limbaugh said. "This is what happens when everybody goes along with 'em. It's what happens when their power is unchecked. This is what happens when all you have is Democrat liberalism running whatever it is -- a city, a union, a country, any other organization."

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