Will the Louisiana State Legislative Auditor conduct an audit of the Shreveport Finance Department? That has been requested by Shreveport Councilman John Nickelson.

Nickelson says an audit is needed after allegations surfaced this week about possible improprieties in the Finance Department. Former City Controller Ben Hebert is claiming city leaders broke the law in approving some travel expense reports. Hebert says he was fired is after he refused to go along with financial decisions which he says were in violation of the law.

Nickelson says:

I love Shreveport. I've given my constituents and our city 110 percent since I was elected in 2018. But loving Shreveport isn't enough. We all have to fight for Shreveport - and we have to do everything in our power to makes sure eight smart, competent, honest people are elected to lead the city in the fall 2022 elections.

What Will the State Legislative Auditor Do with Allegations?

State Legislative Auditor Michael Waguespack says he has gotten the request from Councilman Nickelson and he and his staff will be reviewing the request. He expects to make a decision on a possible audit in the next two weeks. KEEL News asked him how long this kind of audit could take and he says that depends on several factors that he won't know until auditors start looking into the finances.

Click Here to Read Councilman Nickelson's Letter to the State Auditor

You can listen to our conversation with Waguespack about this controversy.


Click here to file a report with the Legislative Auditor or call 1-844-50-FRAUD (1-844-503-7283) to report any concerns you might have.

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