The United Daughters of the Confederacy has filed a lawsuit to keep the Caddo Commission from removing the Confederate Monument from the grounds of the Caddo Courthouse.

Jackie Nichols, President of the Shreveport Chapter of the UDC sent KEEL News this statement:

The vote last night, Thursday October 19th, by the Caddo Parish Commission was as expected but was still a disappointment to Shreveport Chapter #237 United Daughters of the Confederacy and the majority of the citizens of Caddo Parish. This commission once again put bad politics ahead of good policy and conflict ahead of compromise. The result of the commission's 7-5 vote in favor of removing our monument makes that body responsible for the cost associated with any damage that might occur in the removal as well reimbursement for our very valuable private property. Their illegal action leaves us with no other option than to file suit in Federal Court.


You can read the compete legal filing here at this link: UDC Lawsuit

This suit was filed in Federal Court and it assumes ownership by the United Daughters of the parcel of land. This puts the initial burden of proof as to ownership of the land on the Parish Commission.

This suit was filed just a few hours after the Commission voted to removed the monument. The United Daughters of the Confederacy suit claims they own the land based on a donation agreement with the Caddo Police Jury in the early 1900's. But there is no deed in that action.

The 7 Caddo Commissioners who voted to remove the monument are also named in the suit along with Caddo Parish.

In the suit, you will also see concerns by the UDC that the monument could be irreparably damaged during any effort to move it.



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