A lawsuit filed in Baton Rouge is claiming that the Louisiana State Police (LSP) have been circulating a list of suspected Antifa members - and it could be a fake.  WGNO reports that Harvard Law School Lecturer Thomas Frampton filed the lawsuit in state court on behalf of New Orleans civil rights attorney William Most.

Most claims to have discovered evidence that the LSP were in possession of a list of and information about people supposedly involved in Antifa - the anti-fascist organization that some claim use dangerous tactics when protesting or making political statements.  The attorney says that the list, titled "antifa.docx," is most likely a fake created by neo-nazi and white-supremacist websites like stormfront.  According to Most and Frampton, the LSP has refused to release the list because it might jeopardize an on going investigation and put undercover elements in danger.  The law school lecturer and attorney are suing to gain access to the list in order verify its validity.  The fear is this: If the list is a fake, then innocent citizens may be targeted by the ongoing LSP investigations.  Not only could that be a violation of that persons rights, it would be a waste of taxpayer money.

The suit alleges that this list was circulated among the top levels of the LSP, and may contain the names of thousands of regular, law-abiding citizens who signed an online petition against President Trump.

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