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A lawsuit is being brought against Shreveport City Government at multiple levels. Shreveport Attorney Allison Jones has sent a letter to Shreveport City Attorney Ronald Lattier, Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins, and the Shreveport City Council to outline the claims being made by a former Shreveport City employee.

The letter says that Jones is representing former Shreveport Controller S. Ben Hebert, who alleges that his employment with the city was terminated after he "refused to participate in financial improprieties which he believed violated the laws of the State of Louisiana and reported the same to his supervisor..."

Jones says that Hebert will be filing claims of age discrimination, race discrimination, and claims over his protected whistleblower rights. In the statement, Jones add:

"Mr. Hebert has been denied promotions due to his age and race and has continuously refused to participate in and to continuously report financial transactions which he believes are in violation of state law. It is abundantly clear that the termination of his employment was retaliatory for his protected activity. The termination of  Mr. Hebert's employment within days of his reporting and refusing to participate in what he believes are financial improprieties and shortly following his complaints of discrimination makes the termination decision highly suspicious and should cause the City Council to ask some serious questions of the Mayor and the current Interim Chief Financial Officer."

A release from Jones says the "decision-maker" involved in his termination was Kasey Brown, who is currently a nominee for Chief Financial Officer with the City of Shreveport. As a part of this statement from Jones, they are asking the Shreveport City Council to withhold movement on confirming Brown for the permanent position with the city.

Regardless of whether or not the City Council will postpone the appointment, Hebert intends to file with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Louisiana Commission on Human Rights, while pursuing other legal remedies as well.

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