Shreveport Police Detective Rod Demery's attorney Pam Breedlove tells KEEL News her client had no other option, but to file suit against Chief Willie Shaw.

"This was the only option available to him to avoid being moved from the Detective office and put out on night patrol duty." Breedlove adds: "he has the highest clearance rate of any of the homicide detectives in the office and it did not make sense to move him to patrol."

Demery decided to file the lawsuit to try to stop that lateral transfer.  He could have taken his case to the civil service board, but that would not have stopped the transfer which was scheduled to happen on Thursday, August 21st.

Rod Demery Lawsuit

Mayor Cedric Glover issued a brief statement in response to the lawsuit.

KEEL news spoke with Michael Carter, the Shreveport Police Union President about the Demery lawsuit. He tells us "Demery and I discussed several options and one of his options was to do nothing. But he would have been moved out of the detective office. He wanted to find a way to stop that."

You can hear our complete interview.

Meantime, Shreveport Fire Chief Craig Mulford entered his plea in Caddo District Court on malfeasance in office charges related to the station 8 scandal.




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