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Today, there has been what's being described by many inside as a 'violent assault' on the United States Capitol Building in Washington D.C.. What started out as a peaceful 'March to Save America' rally, which included a speech from President Trump, has turned violent and ugly.

Many in the crowd were seen busting out windows, destroying and looting property and storming offices. Lawmakers inside the Senate and House chambers were safely evacuated from the premises. Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy described the hostile takeover of the Capitol building as 'un-American' and pleaded for President Donald Trump to appear on television to condemn the violent acts.

This is the first time the U.S. Capitol has been breached since British soldiers attacked and burned the building in 1814.

Many other Louisiana lawmakers on Capitol Hill, including Rep. Mike Johnson and Steve Scalise, also condemned the actions of the mob and called for order. You can see what our local and statewide officials are tweeting in response to the heinous and disgusting siege that has taken place at the Capitol below.



At this time, law enforcement and National Guard members have been mobilized to neutralize the threat caused by the rioters. There have also been several reports of homemade explosive devices that have been neutralized. At this time, it is unclear if those devices were fake or real.

PHOTOS: Scene at U.S. Capitol shows chaos and violence

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