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Louisiana's huge duck hunting population is collectively holding its breath as they are less than seventy two hours from that magical minute that they have been waiting for!

Teal season is set to begin this Saturday, September 11, 2021 and will continue through September 26, 2011.

For the local waterfowler, this is bigger than Christmas and almost as big as opening day of deer season.

Blue, green and cinnamon teal can all be harvested but if you are new to the sport or new to Louisiana, there are a few laws you need to remember.

Obviously, you have to be a Louisiana licensed hunter. Along with your basic hunting license, you'll need your Louisiana state duck stamp and Federal Duck Stamp. Don't forget, you MUST sign across the front of the Federal stamp for it to be considered valid.

The daily teal limit is six, with a total possession limit of eighteen.

Shooting hours in Louisiana are thirty minutes prior to legal sunrise for that specific area until sunset for that specific area. Meaning that sunrise in Caddo Parish might be different from where you might be hunting in Claiborne Parish. Use the area you are hunting to determine exact shooting hours.

Once teal season has ended, duck hunters will have to hit pause for a few weeks as they wait for the regular duck season to begin. As Louisiana is divided into the East Zone and West Zone, it's important to know which zone you'll be hunting.

Locally, Caddo, Bossier, Desoto and Red River are all in the West Zone, which will see opening day on November 13. The East Zone is set to begin on November 20.

If you're headed out this weekend, good luck, be safe and take a kid.

To see more regarding rules and regulations of the upcoming waterfowl season, just go to

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