On Wednesday, April 13th at approximately 11:30 AM, members of the Caddo-Shreveport Narcotics Unit conducted an investigation into an alleged methamphetamine laboratory in the 3900 block of Greenwood Road, The Palomar Hotel, resulting from information gathered as the result of a complaint from a concerned citizen. 
During the investigation of a residence inside the business, Agents seized numerous chemicals associated with a clandestine meth lab to include Coleman fuel, empty ephedrine blister packs, lye, drain opener, lithium strips and numerous "one pot" meth labs in plastic jugs.  Three suspects were arrested and charged in connection with the items recovered.
Rebecca Gibson, w/f, 04/11/1983.  She is charged with the Creation and Operation of a Meth Lab, Child Endangerment (exposing her 4 young children).  Two men were also arrested and charged with Creation and Operation of a meth lab.  Also arrested, Benjamin Lee, b/m, 01/14/1974, and Grant Gibson, w/m, 05/01/1986.  
(Photos below)
Summit Environmental was called to remove the hazardous waste materials.  Police advise citizens to contact your local law enforcement agency if you believe you have any information that may lead to the arrest of a suspect in drug crimes.