Dr. John Vanchiere, infectious disease specialist at Shreveport's LSU Health, talks about the availability of the new, single dose, Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine.

"The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is here and we're getting ready for the big pushout...starting Saturday.

"The Johnson & Johnson vaccine has some advantages over the others. One, it's a single dose. The second big advantage is that it has fewer side effects than the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines."

And what about the particulars regarding availability? Vanchiere continues, "Saturday we're planning a big vaccination clinic at the Brookshire Arena, which used to be the CenturyTel Center. We have about 4,000 doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. We'll start vaccinating at 9 o'clock in the morning, we'll have twelve drive-thru lanes, very efficient and ready to get a lot of vaccine out into the community."

But Vanchiere emphasizes that pre-registration is requested, but not required and that there are qualifiers. "It's for 65 and above, no questions asked. 55 to 64 with qualifying conditions per the governor's directive."

Tp pre-register for Saturday's LSU Health, Johnson & Johnson vaccinations in Bossier City, or for more information about this and the other two vaccines and vaccination sites and schedules, JUST CLICK HERE!


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