(Walker, Louisiana)- When you hear of a student getting stripped of being student government president there must be something really bad coming. And then when you hear that, that same school refuses to help said student with college scholarships, then there really must be a scandal coming. However, that wasn't the case with Walker High student Kaylee Timonet.

Walker High School student Kaylee Timonet was harshly punished by school principal Jason St. Pierre over a video that was released of Timonet dancing. This video wasn't one that involved scandalous or inappropriate dancing. It was just a normal video of a high schooler dancing. Rachel Timonet the mother of Kaylee told the Advocate that the principal told Rachel that Kaylee's video showed she wasn't "living in the Lord's Way"

Rachel Timonet was beyond furious. Her daughter is a 4.0 student who has done nothing wrong but dance. She went on to tell the Advocate “I was very upset at how the situation was handled. I don’t think anybody should be speaking about faith in any form. They don’t know my beliefs, and it’s a public school.”. The Principal went on to remove two recommendations for college for Timonet, stating that she doesn't represent Walker High the right way. Timonet's mother went on to say that Kaylee was removed from being available for the student of the year and that the Principal printed out bible verses for Kaylee.

That is beyond absurd, just because a video of her at an afterparty was released of her dancing she has to lose her recommendations and everything she's worked for. It's not like that video was filmed at the school. Many other parents started voicing concerns and started a hashtag for Kaylee saying #LetHerDance. The parents of the area even compared this situation to the movie Footloose.

Kaylee even went on to do an interview about the situation where she got very candid and you could hear the hurt in her voice. And could you blame her? She had things taken away from her, for the stupidest reason.

Hopefully, everything works out for Kaylee Timonet and there is a punishment for Walker High principal St. Pierre. I'm with the parents of Timonet and the community of Walker #LetHerDance.

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