When you ask most Americans about where they are going for Mardi Gras you'll get "Louisiana" and "New Orleans" as the most popular answers. However, if you ask folks from Louisiana where they are going for Mardi Gras you'll probably get more than a few people answering that question with the word "Disney".

Walt Disney World Resort Reopening
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A trip to Disney during Mardi Gras is almost a right of passage for a Louisiana youngster. The parks are usually less crowded and the Mardi Gras break from school means parents and kids have the time to go.

The Louisiana connection to the Magic Kingdom and other parks at the House of Mouse is not lost on the folks at Disney either. They know a good thing when they see it. Especially when it's walking through the gates of their parks with a fistful of cash. So, it makes sense that Disney would capitalize on the opportunity and use Mardi Gras as the day to reveal a few more details about a newly revamped ride.

Premiere of Disney's "The Proncess and the Frog" - Arrivals
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Many Disney faithful will remember Splash Mountain. That ride was discontinued because of "themes that no longer reflected the sensibilities of today". So, it has been upgraded to become Tiana's Bayou Adventure based on the Disney film "The Princess and the Frog". That ride is expected to open later this year at Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California.

Yesterday, Mardi Gras, Disney Parks via their TikTok account shared images of the Tiana audio-animatronic figure that will be featured as part of the ride experience. Here's some of what guests can expect when they visit the newly revamped ride.

While the entire Splash Mountain ride is being revamped, one thing is staying the same. That would be the infamous 50-foot log drop. That's part of the ride where so many guests have had pictures snapped and so many guests families have been soaked by the deluge created by the falling logs.

Disney has not released a specific date for when the new attraction will be open but judging by the progress on the animatronics that day can't be too far away. And barring some major catastrophe the ride will certainly be in operation by the next time Mardi Gras rolls around on March 4, 2025.

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