There is a Halloween display in Louisiana that has some neighbors really fired up. They don't like it and they don't want it according to a story at

When you read and hear from the designer what the display is I am betting many of you would say that you wouldn't want this Halloween display in your neighborhood.

Some listeners may feel differently, though, saying that in America we do have free speech. That is very true, but this display just goes too far for some people.

Halloween Display People in Church

The man at the center of the controversy is Bucktown resident Vic Miorana. According to neighbors that live around Miorana, each year the man's Halloween displays get more elaborate. Miorana himself says for this year's display he has been working on it for months.

The display shows the devil holding the severed head of Christ. The scene also depicts Jesus, on the cross, without his head being flanked by a priest on one side and a nun on the other. There are parishioners seated in pews and even a cemetery all created by Miorana on his property.

You can imagine this Halloween display is not sitting well with some of the neighbors in this area of Metairie. Miorana tells WWLTV that while he understands it might not be everyone's cup of tea, he is not trying to be offensive.

Bloody Skeleton Hand
Photo courtesy of WWLTV

Neighbors Rachel Flanagan and Peggy Keller told the TV station that they are all about freedom of speech, and that's why they have exercised their right to speak out on television that they think this Halloween display goes too far.

Jefferson Parish Presiden Cynthia Lee says they are not aware of any violations that have occurred, but she added,

We are not aware of any local ordinances that specifically address this type of situation; however, this neighborhood display is clearly offensive and certainly not in the spirit of a family-friendly Jefferson Parish Halloween.

Cemetary Scene
Photo courtesy of YouTube WWLTV

Miorana says,

This is not real, and we have no interest in inciting violence. We have no bias against the church. We were both raised Catholic.

You can judge for yourself. Would you be okay with this in your neighborhood? Does this go too far?

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